Exhale: Our three-phase approach to security provides peace of mind 

Count on our assessment to identify current vulnerabilities

Get protected with best security practices

Move forward with a scalable and practical roadmap

Cyber Crime Isn’t Going Away

Are you feeling vulnerable to ransomware or other attacks?

Worried that locking down your systems will make it impossible to get work done?

Do you dread the thought of a compliance audit?

Wondering if your backup and disaster recovery plan is full of holes?

Are you just hoping to fly under the cybercrime radar?

Tech Consulting Company

With so many questions surrounding cybersecurity, you need expert guidance.

Lock It Down With

You know that with cybersecurity an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You also know you need far more than a single ounce of protection from ransomware, malware, breaches and whatever cyber criminals will come up with next. Doing business safely today requires comprehensive services that wrap your company in protection and prepare your response when issues arise.

Serving Clients Since 2010

Proven process for on-time/on-budget delivery

Our consultants average over 18 years of industry experience

Average consultant tenure at Afidence is over 6.5 years

Average client relationship is over 6 years

Protecting What You Can’t Afford to Lose

Threats continue, but worrying over cybersecurity shouldn’t be on your daily to-do list. Trust our experts to assess your needs, implement the right tools and provide ongoing security support.

AFID ICON - Ensure compliance and safeguard valuable data and assets

Ensure compliance and safeguard valuable data and assets

AFID ICON - Feel secure with 24-7-365 network monitoring

Count on layers of security and today's best practices

AFID ICON - Build resilience with a proven business continuity plan

Build resilience with a proven business continuity plan

Why Choose Afidence for Cybersecurity Services?

In an always-changing threat landscape, protecting your company is an ongoing concern.  You deserve customized, risk-based security solutions. Through thoughtful and strategic collaboration, we provide sustainable, practical solutions that enable your business to grow. We also offer advanced testing to empower you in detecting and responding to security issues. Let Afidence harden your defenses.  

Cybersecurity Services

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  • Security strategy consulting

  • Compliance risk assessment

  • Audit preparation and finding remediation

  • Employee awareness training

  • Endpoint threat detection and response

  • Firewall, router and switch architecture

  • And much more

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