Setting Expectations for Working With IT Project Managers

When working with an IT project manager, it’s important to set expectations from the get-go. Having an understanding of what the project or role entails will not only set them up for success but will also ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some ways you can establish IT project management guidelines with your manager for the work ahead.

Set a Budget

With any project or role, staying within the allocated budget is crucial. Discuss with your project manager how many hours or dollars you have set aside, and make sure these are reasonable asks. Have a conversation about what’s possible with the IT project manager to help determine the scope of work, as well as get a clearer idea of timelines and total hours needed for the project. 

Define the Scope of Work

IT project managers often jungle numerous duties to drive the project to successful completion — on time, on budget and of high quality. Define the scope of work (SOW) from the beginning so they understand any key tasks, deadlines or targets that need to be met. Since an IT project manager is responsible for the steps of a project’s initiation to its conclusion, having all the information from the jump will ensure they’re focused on the right things.

Create Realistic Estimates

On the topic of budget and SOW, speaking with your project manager about realistic goals or estimates is important. The project manager will need practical estimates of the amount of time needed to complete the task. It’s their job to hold you accountable for what had been initially agreed upon, and deliver on those estimates.

Keep in Contact

Since the IT project manager is responsible for communicating the project’s status, direction, trajectory and issues to all stakeholders, it’s important that you stay in contact with them throughout. It’s also crucial that they explain this information in a manner that everyone can easily understand. A good manager protects the project resources by being the liaison (and the shield) between the business and project team so that the resources can focus on the project, first and foremost.

Nobody should know more about the project than the project manager. It’s your responsibility to keep them informed on all project changes, issues and questions. You’ll need to funnel all of this information through the IT project manager before anyone else.

Analyze Data

Once the project has ended, it’s important for a project manager to explain the metrics and data. Having these reports upon completion will determine how successful the IT project manager’s process has been for your company, and what the next steps may be. It’s also valuable information for the future and how your technology is working for you.

Fast-Track IT Project Management Success

Technology is a vital component of every business these days. However, delayed IT projects or failure to meet milestones can cause more harm than you realize. That’s why setting expectations for working with IT project managers is vital to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently for successful outcomes. 

Let Afidence’s IT project management experts steer your team in the right direction. Schedule a consultation with us today to move the needle on your IT project.

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