Stop the Cyber Insurance Madness: Attend Taste of IT

Stop the Cyber Insurance Madness: Attend Taste of IT

Struggling with cyber insurance renewal? Learn how to cope and discover many more insights into today’s technology at the annual Taste of IT conference. Hosted by Technology First, the Greater Dayton IT alliance, the conference provides a forum where thought leaders and community members can engage and inform each other. This year, Afidence’s Bryan Hogan and Dylan Hall will present their talk, Cyber Insurance Renewal Madness: 8 Simple Strategies to Stay Ahead of Requirements, at the 11:10-12 p.m. breakout session. 

Want to connect, strengthen and champion the technology community in our region? Make plans to join over 400 IT professionals at the conference.  

What: 16th Annual Taste of IT Conference

Who: Presented by Technology First for regional IT professionals

When: November 16, 2022

Where: Sinclair Conference Center


We hope to see you in Dayton in November. Meanwhile, if you have questions about cyber security insurance or would like to explore technology consulting for your organization, please book a meeting with one of our experts. 

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