Cloud Migration Services + Integration

Looking for agility and reliability?
Leave clunky on-premises systems behind

Save time and make scaling easy

Lock in cyber security and protect data with backups

Ensure your systems and people can work from anywhere

Worried that your organization is falling behind?

Are you concerned about your company's ability to scale without friction? 

Does it seem like you’re endlessly updating and patching hardware and software?

Is remote work a challenge for employees?

Is there a big-ticket server purchase looming?

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If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to think about Cloud Migration Services.

Do You Need
Cloud Migration Services + Integration?

By now, you’re probably aware of some of the benefits of moving to the cloud, but maybe you’re still kicking the project down the road for “someday.” Making the switch might seem too difficult or expensive. It doesn’t help that you may not be well-versed in how the cloud could provide real-life, tangible benefits for your business.  We can discuss how cloud migration and integration services work, what you can expect when you make the move and how the Afidence team makes it painless.  

Serving Clients Since 2010

Proven process for on-time/on-budget delivery

Our consultants average over 18 years of industry experience

Average consultant tenure at Afidence is over 6.5 years

Average client relationship is over 6 years

Finding Clarity in the Cloud

Afidence clients know their business applications and information are always available and safe in the cloud. We take the time to understand your needs, implement the best cloud strategy and manage your cloud usage for the long run.

AFID ICON - Public, private or hybrid cloud solutions tailored to you

Public, private or hybrid cloud solutions tailored to you

AFID ICON - Expert cost-benefit analysis of cloud migration IT Project Management Services

Expert cost/benefit analysis of cloud migration

AFID ICON - Backup and disaster recovery for critical business continuity

Backup and disaster recovery for critical business continuity

Take a Leap Into the Cloud

Whether you want to approach cloud computing incrementally or go all in, we can guide your next moves. Trust our experience in identifying the right cloud solutions and accurately migrating your data. Imagine increased productivity, less downtime and more efficiency than ever before: It’s all available in the cloud.

Cloud Migration and Integration

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  • Migration

  • Assessment

  • Cost benefit and analysis

  • Security and compliance

  • Policy and documentation

  • Service management for private, public or hybrid cloud

  • Cloud integration

  • Backup and disaster recovery

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