Our Team

Our Board

Our board members are our trusted advisors. They’re driving the mission and vision of our organization forward. We meet three times a year to discuss strategic planning, review and navigate obstacles in the marketplace.

  • Bryan Hogan board

    Bryan Hogan


  • Jeff Van Fleet board

    Jeff Van Fleet


  • Roxanne Kordenbrock board

    Roxanne Kordenbrock


  • Dave Deye board

    Dave Deye


Our Team

Our people are our first priority. We are a team of professional business technology consultants dedicated to providing you with meaningful digital solutions that connect you to your clients. We are parents, grandparents, athletes, travelers, gamers, foodies and philanthropists. We are a partner you can trust.

  • Matt Linden team

    Matt Linden

  • Dylan Hall team 1

    Dylan Hall

  • Troy Mastern team

    Troy Masterson

  • Bill Valaski team

    Bill Valaski

  • Sam Thomas team

    Sam Thomas

  • Terry Hill team

    Terry Hill

  • Sylvan Schuette team

    Sylvan Schuette

  • Larry Van Schagen team

    Larry Van Schagen

  • Greg Lloyd team

    Greg Lloyd

  • Spencer Hogan team

    Spencer Hogan

  • Josh Boxer team

    Josh Boxer

  • Josh Brown team

    josh Brown

  • Darla Wurzler Headshot Square Image for Website

    Darla Wurzler

  • Seth Maxwell Headshot Square Image No Background for Website

    Seth Maxwell

  • Marion Baughn Headshot Square Image No Background for Website

    Marion Baughn

  • John Morgan Headshot Square Image No Background for Website

    John Morgan

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