IT Project Management

With IT project management augmentation, you can manage your initiatives, teams or vendors with a bench of emotionally intelligent and technically versatile project managers

Afidence IT Project Management

IT Project Management Augmentation

Manage your initiatives, teams or vendors with a bench of emotionally intelligent and technically versatile project managers

Optimize Your Initiatives: Tailored IT Project Management Augmentation

Looking for a partner that can manage your initiatives and stabilize your contracted workforce? At Afidence, we help our clients cut through the noise of other staffing vendors by reducing the turnaround time on hard-to-find and hard-to-keep positions with consulting talent. Save time and money by fortifying your PMO from top-to-bottom with technical project managers your leaders will love working with.

IT Project Management Experts

Elevate Your Project Success with Expert IT Project Management Augmentation

Our bench of consultants, trained in Agile or Waterfall methodologies, have experience in:

  • Product Ownership

    Product Ownership

  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Management

  • Team Management

    Team Management

  • Scoped Work

    Scoped Work

  • Risk Mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

Across the cybersecurity, software development, data and infrastructure/cloud sectors.

Navigate IT Project Management Complexities with Our Expert Consultants

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process: Our proven syncMETHODOLOGY™ is a process that ensures communication, transparency and success from discovery to implementation and beyond. Businesses searching for higher performing and dependable contracted resources trust Afidence to deliver.

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    Identify primary issues client is experiencing, why they're requiring an additional resource, the technical skillset and industry experience they'll need, and the team(s) they'll be interfacing with.

  • validate icon


    Afidence refers the client a well-vetted consultant. Client receives a detailed biography and skillset analysis for reference during the interview process.

  • integrate icon


    Afidence consultant integrates with the client's technical environment, adapts to organization's culture, builds relationships with team members and executes the work that's required of them.

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    Afidence carefully monitors the consultant's effectiveness on a weekly basis and organizes consistent touch points with key stakeholders.

How Our Validation Step Sets Our Process Apart

Hiring shouldn’t be a discovery process but a validation process. Meaning, by the time a candidate reaches an interview with your technical leaders – they already have a thorough understanding of who the candidate is, the skillset they can provide and the gaps that might already exist.

We provide our clients with two tools to ensure that happens:

  • tech bio icon green

    Technical Biography

    A detailed, Afidence-branded biography that illustrates everything there is to know about a candidate.

  • skills analysis icon green

    Skill Analysis

    An assessment that provides a smart score based on how qualified the candidate is for the role.  

Deliver Projects On-Time and On-Budget
With Expert Consultants

We understand that projects can easily go wrong because of a variety of reasons. That’s why we’re committed to augmenting our clients with emotionally intelligent and technically versatile project managers. Be it a specific role or team we partner with organizations in sectors spanning financial services, local government and municipality, healthcare, manufacturing, higher education and more.

Custom Consulting Team Elevate Your Business with Expertise

Handpick your dream team from our pool of seasoned project managers, ensuring you have the perfect blend of skills and experience for your unique challenges.

Workforce Augmentation Bridge Skill Gaps Instantly

Add a specialized project manager to your PMO who fills in the technical gaps, enhancing your team's capabilities and efficiency.

Short-term Stopgaps Continuity Without Compromise

Engage one of our seasoned project managers as a reliable interim solution while you search for the ideal long-term hire to replace outgoing team members.

Mission Critical Projects Comprehensive, Hassle-Free Solutions

Need a project manager to oversee a significant initiative? Let us handle it. We’ll set up daily standups, ensure each stakeholder is handling their responsibilities and produce weekly reports so you can have peace of mind.

Benefits of Augmenting a Project Manager

At Afidence, we understand the importance of having technologists with specialized skills to complement your team. Our IT staff augmentation services offer:

  • Flexible staffing options
  • Remote or on-site placements
  • On-demand pool of experienced professionals
  • Bill by part-time or full-time usage
IT Project Management Augmentation Benefits

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