Augment Your

With Consultants

Round out your team and stabilize your contracted workforce with our emotionally intelligent and technically versatile consultants.


Augment Your

With Consultants

Round out your team and stabilize your contracted workforce with our technically versatile consultants.


Are you an enterprise IT leader overseeing major initiatives with limited resources?

  • Have key initiatives or projects been delayed because of gaps in your workforce?
  • Are the contracted positions in your organization like a revolving door?
  • Are you struggling to find skilled technologists that fit the culture of your team?
  • Are you sick of parsing through dozens of resumes of poorly screened/unvetted candidates?
  • Are your hiring managers interview weary?
  • Are your current staffing vendors falling short in terms of proactivity and sowing into a relationship with you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s talk.

Empower Your Leaders With Our Consultants

At Afidence, we understand the stress of filling technical gaps with just a handful of people. Your team is overworked, and the stakes are high. You need to hire quickly and you can’t afford the time or financial cost of a misstep.

That's where we step in.

We specialize in augmenting enterprises with our full-time, adaptable and emotionally intelligent consultants. Our consultants are not just fast learners and humble team players; they’re the bridge-builders your enterprise needs.

Bringing over 300 years of collective experience, they are adept at interfacing with diverse teams while being curious and collaborative. Our consultants fill several technical roles, bringing a proactive approach and adapting to your unique enterprise environment.

Bridge Your Resource Gaps With Our IT Consultants

Custom Consulting Team Elevate Your Business with Expertise

Handpick your dream team from our pool of seasoned consultants, ensuring you have the perfect blend of skills and experience for your unique challenges.

Workforce Augmentation Bridge Skill Gaps Instantly

Add a specialized consultant to your team who seamlessly fills in the technical gaps, enhancing your team's capabilities and efficiency.

Short-term Stopgaps Continuity Without Compromise

Engage one of our expert consultants as a reliable interim solution while you search for the ideal long-term hire to replace outgoing team members.

Mission Critical Projects Comprehensive, Hassle-Free Solutions

Need a dedicated team for a significant initiative? Let us handle it. We’ll oversee the entire project, manage our consultants effectively and take care of all the intricate details, giving you peace of mind.

Ready to Reinforce Your Team?

Reduce Resource Shortages and Project Delays


At Afidence, we understand you need technologists with unique skill sets that can round out your internal staff. Our IT staff augmentation services offer:

  • Seasoned candidates with a diverse background of experience and certifications.
  • Flexible technologists who are comfortable with ambiguity and embracing change.
  • Decreased interview fatigue because you meet more qualified candidates.
  • Remote or on-site placements depending on your requirements.


Our IT Staff Augmentation Process

Our proven syncMETHODOLOGY™ is a process that ensures communication, transparency and success from discovery to implementation and beyond. Businesses searching for higher performing and dependable contracted resources trust Afidence to deliver.

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    Pinpoint client issues, resource needs, required skills and experiences and position description.

  • validate icon


    Connect client with a qualified consultant, providing a detailed biography and skill analysis for the interview process.

  • integrate icon


    Consultant blends into the client's culture, adapting to their technical environment and executing necessary tasks.

  • closeout icon


    Afidence regularly assesses consultant's effectiveness and streamlines communication with client's key stakeholders.

Where Experience Meets Flexibility in IT Staff Augmentation

We understand hiring is a time-consuming hassle. But if your current team doesn’t have the time or capability to complete the work, you have to find help. And that help can’t just be a “warm body.” You need professional skills and expertise. Our technology staff augmentation is flexible to meet your immediate and long-term needs and is experienced to get the job done right. Trust us to fill your resource gaps quickly.

  • Serving clients since 2010
  • Proven process for on-time/on-budget delivery
  • Our consultants average over 18 years of industry experience
  • Average consultant tenure at Afidence is 6.5 years


Next Steps

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