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See technology as just a necessary evil?

Do you feel like technology is an expense that drags you down?  

Are you plodding along while competitors are whizzing by? 

Worried that you’re investing in the wrong things at the wrong time?

Feeling lost without a clear path forward?

Are you sacrificing efficiency, quality and profitability to outdated technology? 


Technology should lift your organization up to achieve more. If you want to harness its powers for good, call us.

Creating a Clear Vision

Business leaders can feel caught in a whirlwind of technology. Chasing after  changes is frustrating and can negatively affect your growth and ultimately your profitability. Working with a tech consulting company to clarify strategy provides a rudder to navigate shifting winds. With the right technology, your business can remain stay on top of budgeting concerns while meeting critical goals.   

Serving Clients Since 2010

Proven process for on-time/on-budget delivery

Our consultants average over 18 years of industry experience

Average consultant tenure at Afidence is over 6.5 years

Average client relationship is over 6 years

Big Challenges Require Big Ideas

No matter what business you’re in, today you’re in the technology business. That’s good news, because technology can help you find new opportunities, optimize your operations and so much more. Partnering with the right tech consulting company can help you harness the benefits without the headache.

AFID ICON - Get help selecting and implementing the right tools and platforms

Get help selecting and implementing the right tools and platforms

AFID ICON - Power your company’s productivity

Power your company’s productivity

AFID ICON - Ensure compliance and safeguard valuable data and assets

Feel protected by best cyber security practices

Imagine Tech That’s Working Toward Your Goals

Are your team and your technology all heading in the same direction? If you aren’t, the Afidence team of expert consultants can guide you along a new path. Technology has the power to promote efficiency, productivity and security, all while keeping your costs in check. It’s time for your organization to plug into that power.  Partner with us to develop and implement new strategies that will revitalize your company now and prepare it for an exciting future. 

Technology Consulting

Afidence business technology and consulting
  • Business-aligned, long-term strategy plans

  • Actionable roadmaps for short- and long-term needs

  • C-level support and advisory services

  • Strategy for major initiatives like mergers, acquisitions and business continuity

  • Expert guidance in critical technology selection

  • Budgeting and forecasting guidance

  • Assessments and implementation

  • Consultations guided by advanced technology and business acumen

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