Concrete Results in IT: How TJ Norris Paves the Way for Growth at Lithko Contracting

In the world of concrete construction, where every detail matters from the foundation up, the same precision applies to scaling an IT department. At Lithko Contracting, TJ Norris, the Director of Technology Transformation, knows this all too well. With nearly $2 billion in revenue and a lean IT team, the stakes are high. But for TJ, it’s just another day at the office.

Early Beginnings: A Foundation Built on Hard Work

Raised in the blue-collar suburbs of Chicago, TJ’s early life was steeped in the values of hard work and determination. His journey from a carpenter’s assistant to a leading figure in technology transformation at Lithko is more than just a career path; it’s a testament to the power of perseverance and learning on the job.

Career Milestones: From Cintas to Lithko

One of TJ’s pivotal moments came at Cintas, where he led safety and DOT compliance programs. This experience was more than just a job; it was the spark that ignited his passion for project management and process improvement, guiding him to his current role at Lithko.

Challenges and Triumphs in Technology Transformation

Scaling an IT department in tandem with a rapidly growing business is no small feat. TJ’s role involves a delicate balancing act of managing stakeholder expectations, prioritizing company needs and ensuring his team is equipped to handle the challenges that come with growth.

For those in the tech field, TJ’s advice is golden: immerse yourself in the business side of technology, network relentlessly and seize every learning opportunity from business stakeholders. It’s this blend of business acumen and technical expertise that makes a technologist truly stand out.

“My Biggest tip I would give anyone in IT is you need to learn the business as much as possible. You need to talk to the business stakeholders. You cannot just be sitting in the IT department never talking to anyone. So the more you understand about the business and your stakeholders, the more successful you will be not only in your current role, but your ability to grow within the organization.”

A Personal Touch: Beyond the Office with TJ Norris

When the laptops close and the meetings conclude, TJ finds solace in woodworking and golfing. These hobbies, much like his professional work, require patience, skill and a continuous drive to improve. With his family and dogs by his side, TJ’s life is a balanced blend of personal and professional fulfillment.

A Blueprint for Success from TJ Norris

TJ Norris’s journey is a powerful narrative of growth, learning and leadership. From his humble beginnings to his strategic role in transforming Lithko’s IT landscape, TJ’s story is a blueprint for aspiring technologists everywhere. It’s a reminder that with the right mix of hard work, continuous learning and adaptability, the path to success, though challenging, is always within reach.

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