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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Technology Project

The technology project ROI offers tremendous leverage in establishing a business case to justify technology initiatives. However, you cannot fully...
IT Project Management

IT Project Management: Keeping Projects on Time and on Budget

As technology continues to evolve and business environments change, leaders are left with no choice but to be proactive and...
Blend your internal IT team with outside through IT professional services

Using IT Professional Services: Blending Your Internal Team With Outside Partners

Is your internal IT team feeling burnt out and buried under a pile of tech issues? Achieve more, stress less...

Selling Tech to Your Leadership With Help From Technology Consulting

There will always come a time when a little help is needed to achieve a certain goal. As an IT...
Technology integration consultant image

Benefits of Working With a Technology Integration Consultant

https://vimeo.com/592190048/76f8f367a7 Are you a business leader who feels caught in a whirlwind of technology? Chasing after change is frustrating and...
business solutions gathering data image

Business Solutions: Stop Just Gathering Data and Start Using It

All that data you’re gathering is telling a story. Are you listening to that story and acting on it? Insights...
remote worker security

7 Strategies to Increase your Remote Work Security

Due to the drastic change of scenery in the past few years, many businesses have been forced into developing and...
2022 AFID Blog & Header Images

Security Consulting Topic: Why Outsource a Security Assessment?

There is no doubt that cybersecurity concerns are one of the most important threats facing organizations throughout the world. Any...
business technology consulting company - Afidence team

New Website Showcases Unique Approach to Business Technology Consulting

Cincinnati, Ohio - With a fresh look and streamlined functionality, the newly launched Afidence website offers a clear vision of...

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